Focus Productions is a full service production company. Our award winning production team has been  involved in many programs that include.,HBO,FOX, MTV, VH1, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, LIFTETIME and TELEMUNDO. Our staff of talented writers is always coming up with new and innovative concepts to help you with your scripts.  In addition our experienced feature seasoned producers, directors,  shooters, voice over talent, and editors to give your production the best team for the job.

As a full service video and film production company, Focus Video Production offers a full in-house capability for filming on all formats, editing, computer modeling, 3D animation and multimedia production.

We are experts in:

Script writing and storyboarding
Independent films
Music videos
TV Shows
TV commercials
Video encoding
Streaming video
Web casting and Satellite media tour
Interactive multimedia presentations
High end 3D/2D animation, compositing
Advanced 3D modeling and texturing
In-house non-linear editing
Final Cut Pro with SD and HD capabilities
Your choice of formats includes Beta SP, DV cam, mini DV, DVC Pro and 24p DVCPRo HD.
Our production crews are customized to your unique needs: from a single cameraman to as many professionals as the project demands.Rigorous attention to detail and efficient production management ensures timely completion while sticking to the budget.

Each camera crew goes out with the following:

Playback monitor
Microphone (handheld and lavaliere)
Boom Pole

Also, included is a Standard Lighting package:

500 DP light
2 – SPL 250k
1 – SPL 150k
Gels, diffusers, gobos


Single camera HD  $800 per day
Single camera plus Audio tech $1200 per day

Two camera Camera HD $1500 per day
includes audio gear